Our research and development centers around capturing the enormous energy contained in hydrogen.

We are working to provide completely clean and safe energy to free the world from fossil fuels – at the lowest equalized cost of energy available.

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Lazerah has been rated among the 100 most promising projects by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). IVA has been a meeting place for Sweden’s future for more than 100 years. IVA builds bridges between the business community, the public sector, academia and the political sphere. IVA bring together the expertise and experience of about 1,300 Academy Fellows and 250 member companies.

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Professor Leif Holmlid

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Professor Leif Holmlid is a key scientific profile within particle physics with research on Rydberg species formation, Rydberg matter, ultradense hydrogen, novel nuclear processes, chemical reactions, combustion, catalysis, mass spectrometry, statistical simulation calculations, nuclear fusion, Raman spectroscopy and lasers.

Erling Nilsen

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Erling Nilsen has a long experience as CEO in international businesses. Currently working with investment and business development in start-up companies.

Håvard Lillebo

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Håvard Lillebo has worked with world-class VC investors for 7 years after he founded Innotech Solar AS in 2008. A decade of CFO experience. He has raised €135m for his startups and built and scaled large industrial companies. Master of Business and Economics.

Lars Helge Helvig

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Lars Helge Helvig established “Norsk Vind Energi” and grew that into Norway's largest private wind power developer (>800 MW). The family office Valinor AS is today one of the leading family offices for investing in and scaling startups in Scandinavia.

Tore Sveälv

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Tore has extensive experience in international businesses from senior executive positions. As business development and investment manager at GU Ventures AB, Tore is GU Ventures' representative in the LazeraH board.

Frans Olofson

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Frans Olofson (PhD) has extensive experience as a researcher in the field of atmospheric science. He has extensive experience in work with laser and signal processing and data analysis. In LazeraH, Frans' key areas are laser, optics, and spectroscopy.

Dan Gall

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Dan Gall (PhD) has more than 10 years of experience in energy related research projects. He has worked with alkali chemistry for enhanced fuel conversion and recently as lead in the commissioning of a novel reactor system in the U.S. In LazeraH, Dan’s key areas are calibration and quality assurance of reactor diagnostics, heat management and hydrogen-solids interactions.

Linnéa Gunnarsson

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Linnéa Gunnarsson (MSc) has studied physical chemistry with a focus on surfaces and colloids. She has worked with microscopy, scattering techniques and scientific programming. Currently working as a research assistant at LazeraH.

Abdulkader Abou Hammoud

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Abdulkader Abou Hammoud has a Master of Science (MS) in chemistry. He has worked with mass spectroscopy, rotational spectroscopy, and data analysis. Currently working as a research assistant at LazeraH.